When You Have to Say Goodbye to Your Pet


Today we are going to say good-bye to our dear Grandpa’s dog, Cisco Sabrina.  She was born in 2004 and has loved Grandpa dearly. She is chocolate Labrador retriever.  She loves water. When she was younger, she would always play in the garden hose and try to drink so much water that she would almost drowned herself. She loved to fetch balls in the water or on the grass. She went with Grandpa everywhere in his “Bumblebee” yellow Toyota F-J Cruiser.  She loved to catch the snow as it shot out of the snowblower and would bark as it went out. She barks every time the doorbell rings to let you know someone is there who shouldn’t be. She loves to scratch her body along the couch back and forth, back and forth. he always let the grandchildren climb on her and try to ride her.

Grandpa never went anywhere with Cisco and refuse to go back to Yellowstone because she couldn’t come inside. She has been to California and spent a day at the Disney’s Doggieland Resort. She has been camping all over Utah and Wyoming.  She traveled down the Green River with Grandpa in a canoe and lost her tail after an unfortunate incident with a shop door.

It is really hard to say goodbye to you today. We love you Cisco Sabrina!


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