Karen Painter is the author of Gallant, the first book in The Pioneer Pathfinders Series. She is a sucker for romance much to the dismay of her three sons who seem to forget they have a choice to leave the room when it is on. She is inspired by the lives of her ancestors and how they were strong and overcame ever difficult task they were given. She hopes to follow their example and continue to climb every mountain put in her path. She hopes her ancestors will be proud of her when she meets them in the next life. When she isn’t reading or writing stories, she’s probably singing, watching HGTV, or dreaming of her next place she would like to travel. She’s also a proud member of Romance Writers of America, LDS Storymakers, and the American Night Writers even if her involvement only looks good in her author bio. You can connect with Karen on Facebook at facebook.com/karenpainterauthor or on Twitter @paintergirl24. You can also visit her website, karenpainter.net, to sign up for emails about new releases. karen

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